Interested in the use of cannabis for weight loss or to treat conditions such as diabetes? Greener Life Adviser, Dr. Gregory Smith, has written a complete guide to the cannabinoid THCV (which he refers to as CBDPlus so as not to confuse it with THC), which has been shown to be highly effective for a variety of metabolic conditions.

With a medical degree from Rush Medical School, Chicago, and a Masters of Public Health from Harvard University, Dr. Smith has 25+ years’ experience as primary care medical doctor, and has been a medical cannabis practitioner since 2000.

CBDplus (THCV): Appetite Killer for Weight Loss and Improved Metabolism

Author: Gregory L. Smith, MD, MPH

Like CBD oil, THCV comes from hemp and has been shown to suppress appetite, blocking hunger receptors and stopping the dopamine release our bodies experience when we see or smell food. This scientifically supported book is a resource for those who want to learn about the next big thing in hemp oil, THCV, with information on how THCV works in the brain and body, how it can help with weight loss, and its therapeutic benefits for pre-diabetes, diabetes, high blood lipids, fatty liver and metabolic syndrome.