Medical cannabis has been shown to be effective in alleviating symptoms for a variety of conditions. It is commonly used for the management of various types of inflammatory pain, and has helped to improve symptoms including (but not limited to) sleep issues, nausea and neurological conditions. Many patients benefit from medical management with regards to sleep issues in particular; sleep is restorative and imperative for the healing process at the cellular level.

Please consult the Health Canada website for more information.

The cost of medical cannabis is set by individual Licensed Producers (LPs), and prices for both oil and dried cannabis vary. Please contact us directly to discuss the costs of a treatment plan and to explore possibilities for coverage assistance.

Our online appointment booking system shows all upcoming appointments available. We prioritize critical patients, and may be able to conduct your initial consultation within 24 hours of receiving your completed intake form.

Medical cannabis patients are primarily prescribed either dried cannabis or cannabis oil. Dried cannabis can be used in cooking or added to foods, or inhaled using a vaporizer device. Cannabis oil can be consumed orally, either under the tongue or mixed with food or a beverage.

Our practitioners will discuss the appropriate mode of consumption for particular ailments as part of your initial consultation, and this recommendation will be reflected in your treatment plan.

Greener Life promotes all avenues of care management, please feel free to discuss any other options either concurrent with cannabis or aside from cannabis during your consultation.

1. Please feel free to call us directly with any questions at 1-833-851-6431
2. You may also reach out to
3. Check out Health Canada’s website for more information about medical cannabis, its health effects and risks, and regulations.

Talking to a knowledgeable medical professional is the best way to ensure you get the right treatment plan for you. There are many reasons why people choose to get a prescription.

  • INSURANCE COVERAGE: Some health insurance providers are considering cover medical cannabis prescriptions.
  • TAX DEDUCTIONS: Medical costs can be applicable against your tax returns.
  • MEDICAL SUPERVISION: Our medical team will provide all of the education and counseling to help you get started. This can also help with work place accommodations.
  • COST AND SELECTION: Purchasing directly from a licensed producer guarantees price and quality.
  • SAFETY: Cannabis can interact with your other medications. Make sure you have all the information you need.

Talk to one of our medical professionals and find out if medical cannabis is right for you.

Yes. Our medical professionals have worked in the pediatric field for many years and have seen the benefits that medical cannabis can provide some patients. When scheduling an appointment, please let us know that this is a pediatric appointment so we can set aside additional time for you and your child.

Your once annual fee of $50 is due prior to your appointment. This fee includes your consultation with our medical professional, as well as ongoing monitoring, your follow-up appointment, and aftercare for that one year period.

If our fee is a barrier to you receiving the help you need, please inquire directly about our “Compassionate Discount Option”.

Yes. Our medical professionals can assist you in obtaining a license from Health Canada to grow your own plants by providing an authorization, as well as assistance with applications. Our fee for this service is dependant on the size of the license, and the fee structure of referral practitioners.

Appointments with our medical professionals are virtual and online. You can attend your appointment from the comfort of your own home. You will need a smartphone, laptop, or tablet with a working camera.

No software is required as we will send you a link prior to your appointment, and all you have to do is click it to log in to our online platform.

In order to verify your identification and for compliance reasons, we will require you to upload your government issued photo ID prior to your appointment.
Before we can complete your medical cannabis authorization we will also require your Proof of Diagnosis. The diagnosis has to be either a note from a practitioner that can make a diagnosis: ie physician, NP, Chiropractor, or radiographic evidence such as a X-ray , MRI, CT scan showing arthritis, tumor etc.

In the case of insomnia we can accept receipt of previous prescriptions given for insomnia.

Please note we do NOT diagnose. This must come from your regular practitioner.


Here are some of the most common medical conditions cannabis is prescribed for:



Pain Management




Eating Disorders

Cancer Symptoms


(Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

While research is still ongoing to learn more about how cannabis works within our bodies to help those with PTSD, some of the latest research using brain imaging suggests that patients with PTSD have an abundance of cannabinoid receptors but produce few endogenous cannabinoids to lock into them. This means that supplementing the body with plant-based cannabinoids like THC might help some brain processes function as normal.


More and more people are turning to cannabis in hopes of managing anxiety or generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). A recent study found that cannabis can significantly reduce self-reported levels of depression, anxiety, and stress in the short term.

Although scientific research is still ongoing, there are anecdotal and new scientific reports of cannabis creating a calming experience that temporarily relieves symptoms of anxiety for many people.

Pain Management

Pain is the number one reason people seek help with cannabis medicines. Chronic pain seriously interferes with the quality of life for many patients. Those who receive cannabis treatment report that while it doesn’t completely take away the pain, they are no longer preoccupied with the pain and are able to manage it. In cases of inflammatory pain, cannabis can positively impact the inflammation that leads to pain. Most patients can significantly decrease or eliminate their use of other pain medications as a result.


Whether you have a sleep disorder or you’re having difficulty sleeping after a stressful day, cannabis might be a treatment for you. The analgesic properties of cannabis can provide some relief for those with chronic pain, while the anti-anxiety properties can soothe a stressed out mind and body.

This treatment is not right for everyone though. Talk to one of our medical professionals to find out if it is right for you.


Early evidence from laboratory studies, anecdotal reports, and small clinical studies over a number of years suggest that the cannabidiol (CBD) from cannabis could potentially help control seizures. The research in this field is still ongoing, but in recent years, a number of studies have shown the benefit of specific plant-based CBD products in treating specific groups of people with epilepsy who have not responded to traditional therapies.

Talk to one of our medical professionals to learn more.


For people living with the chronic pain associated with Arthritis, the options for medication to assist with pain management are limited, and each has its drawbacks. For these people, medical cannabis offers a potential alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals such as NSAIDs, acetaminophen and opioids. Some patients have found that cannabis can positively impact the inflammation that leads to pain, helping patients reduce other pain medications as a result.

Eating Disorders

Cannabis has already been shown to positively affect mood and feeding behavior. A recent study showed the role played by the brain’s own endogenous cannabis neurotransmitter system, called the endocannabinoid system in those with eating disorders. In people with either anorexia or bulimia, the normal function of the endocannabinoid system becomes impaired. The regulation of appetite and feeding behaviors are complex phenomenon involving our brain, peripheral organs and the numerous pathways that connect them. Fortunately, there is increasing evidence of positive results using cannabis treatment to help.

Cancer Symptoms

Using cannabis as part of a comprehensive cancer treatment plan can help those living with cancer or undergoing cancer treatment in a variety of ways. Cannabis may help you relax and give you a sense of well-being while helping reduce side effects of common cancer medicines or therapies. Research has shown a clear connection to the reduction of nausea and vomiting while helping to increase appetite. Others have shown the positive results in reducing inflammation and pain, aiding in restoring a healthy sleep cycle, and lessening fatigue while undergoing cancer treatment.


Finally. Medical cannabis with convenience and high quality care.

We offer easy booking, convenient private medical video appointments and industry leading informative one-on-one aftercare to promote a positive cannabis experience.

Talk to one of our medical staff today!




Your initial medical appointment is risk free. We charge an annual fee of $50 that is fully refundable if after your initial appointment, you find out that medical cannabis is not right for you. Our annual fee includes:

  • Greener Life’s patient care monitoring program
  • A full year of ongoing access to RNs
  • Assistance with titration and strain changes
  • Knowledge and access to updated research
  • Regular medical follow up appointments
  • Unparalleled level of continuing support


We provide care to patients across Canada with our Virtual Online Clinic. Our medical professionals meet with you through your webcam and can help you to find solutions and understand your options for Medical Cannabis treatment.

Our clinic helps individuals find treatment for many medical conditions including Anxiety, Arthritis, Cancer Symptoms, Chronic Nausea, Chronic Pain, Eating Disorders, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscle Spasms, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Sleep Disorders and more.

Talk to one of our medical professionals and find out if medical cannabis is right for you.


Many people have tried Cannabis on their own to treat symptoms or medical conditions that have bothered them for years. Sometimes folks find system that seems to work for them, or more often, they give up in frustration. Whether the information came from friends or from the Internet, there can still be a lot of questions.

Our Medical Professionals have decades of experience working with individuals to build a treatment plan that works for them. If Medical Cannabis hasn’t worked for you in the past, or if you have had limited success on your own or with another clinic, talk to one of our experienced medical professionals and let us help you start living a greener life.


We have spoken to many people over the years who have used Cannabis for treating a medical condition but find that it no longer works, or doesn’t work as well as it used to. There is also a risk with changing medications that there could be some unexpected interactions between Cannabis and your regular prescriptions.

Our Medical Professionals know how to build a treatment plan for your specific needs – taking into account your unique situation and your other medications. Often times our Nurse Practitioners and Doctors have helped to make adjustments in existing or informal treatment plans that have given patients a new lease on life.




Meghan McKenna, NP

A Nurse Practitioner with a clinical focus in rheumatology, Meghan holds a Master of Nursing degree and certification as a family health nurse practitioner.


Dr. Rahim Valani, MD

Dr. Valani has been practicing emergency medicine in some of Canada’s busiest emergency departments for over 18 years.


Marisa Cornacchia, RN, DOMP

A Registered Nurse and Osteopath with an MBA in Project Management, Marisa Cornacchia has over 20 years of clinical experience.


Dr. Gregory Smith MD, MPH

Dr. Smith earned his medical degree from Rush Medical School in Chicago, and a Master of Public Health from Harvard University.


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